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Breakthrough Crohn’s Disease Guide » Common Medications for Crohn’s Disease

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Common Medications for Crohn’s Disease

Whenever possible it is always best to try and treat diseases and disorders in a natural way. However, there are times when medication can become necessary. Fortunately, for sufferers there are a number of medications for crohn’s disease available that are highly effective in limiting the severity and regularity of the disease.

Oftentimes, the first medicines called upon in the fight against Crohn’s Disease are anti-inflammatory drugs. This should come as no surprise as Crohn’s manifests itself as inflammation in the intestinal lining. There are various types of anti-inflammatory medications available. Not every drug is effective for every person. Some of the medications work well for mild cases while others work better for more severe flare-ups.

Corticosteroids are amazing when dealing with severe episodes of Crohn’s Disease. However, since they work by lowering the effectiveness of the immune system the effect is like taking your goalie out in a hockey game. This is why corticosteroids are not normally given to those with mild flare-ups. The side-effects can be severe so medical doctors normally are cautious when prescribing them.

Immunomodulators are not as powerful as corticosteroids, but they work in the same fashion. However, immunomodulators do not come with the side-effects that their close cousins bring. These drugs are great for helping those in remission stay in that stable state.

Since infections have been closely tied to Crohn’s Disease it makes sense that antibiotics are often effective in the good fight. One of the major concerns about using antibiotics is the tendency for them to become less effective as time goes on. The more a person uses a certain antibiotic the greater resistance the bacteria in the body will build up a resistance to it. In addition, using antibiotics can also destroy good bacteria that aid the body in digestion.

Another weapon in the arsenal against Crohn’s Disease is through the use of biologic therapy. This type of therapy is normally reserved for the most severe flare-ups. This form of therapy is like a nuclear bomb to the immune system – minus the radiation. It results in a knock-out of the immune system’s ability to produce TNF-alpha – a protein associated with inflammation.

Surprisingly, antidepressants are also used to battle Crohn’s Disease – but not in the way you are thinking. Antidepressants do not battle inflammation or eliminate fistulas. Actually, they work on beating back the psychological effects of the disease which can be highly disconcerting. One of the worst symptoms of Crohn’s is depression. The pain, worry, and discomfort of the disease can often drive someone with Crohn’s into deep depression. When depressed, people usually do not respond as well to treatments and the immune system may also be compromised.

There are a number of medications for Crohn’s Disease available; the best plan of action is to visit your doctor and discuss the various treatments. Remember, defeating Crohn’s Disease is possible but it can be a lifelong cause.

There are also many more resources and lots of information about controlling and treating Crohn’s Disease symptoms in my e-book Breakthrough Crohn’s Disease Guide.

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