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Breakthrough Crohn’s Disease Guide » 5 Nutritious Add-Ins for Your Crohns Recipes

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5 Nutritious Add-Ins for Your Crohns Recipes

Crohns recipes can play an important role in preventing Crohn’s symptoms or flare ups, regardless if a person suffers from Crohn’s ileitis or another form.  It is no secret that the food a person ingests can have positive or negative affects on their digestive system and gastrointestinal tract. 

However, just because a person with Crohn’s has to watch what they eat, and omit various food products from their diet, doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the foods they eat.  The following are five foods that are generally considered safe for a Crohns recipes diet and can provide extra nutrition and/or flavour.

1.Honey – Honey is a natural sweetener that has healing properties.  It is a good source of antioxidants and is ideal for treating diarrhea, as it encourages rehydration in the body and soothes the stomach.  In addition, honey has free sugar molecules which actually improves brain function and reduces fatigue.

It is imperative that you purchase local raw honey to ensure you are receiving all of its nutrients and enzymes in your crohns recipes.  The best place to look for this honey is in health stores.

Recipe tips – Honey is perfect for sweetening your tea and other beverages.  Also consider using honey as spread for your bread, and as an alternative to sugar required in certain recipes. 

2.Coconut oil – Coconut oil contains a significant amount of lauric acid.  This acid is easy to digest, and also works to strengthen the immune system, allowing protection against bacterial, viral and fungal infections. 

In addition, Coconut oil detoxifies the liver, and aids in building fats, lipoproteins, bile and hormones which are needed for digestion; thus creating a healthy digestive tract.  Coconut oil encourages the absorption of food nutrients, and speeds up metabolism.

Recipe tips: Use coconut oil for cooking.  Use coconut oil as the substitute in crohns recipes that call for margarine, butter or other unhealthy oils.  In addition, when left in room temperature, virgin coconut oil solidifies and can be used as a spread for bread in place of butter or margarine.

3.Soy Products – Soy products such as soy milk, soy burgers, soy meats, and soy cheese, tempeh and tofu, are excellent sources of protein and are ideal replacements for dairy.  Some believe soy helps to reduce bowel inflammation associated with Crohn’s disease.

Recipe tips: Soy products come in many forms such as meats, burgers, cheese and milk.  By substituting regular meat and dairy products for soy, and including dark leafy green vegetables, you can enjoy the meals you’ve always liked, and still obtain the nutrients you need.  Try adding soy milk or soy vanilla milk to cereal, in tea or fruit smoothies, and top off your salad with soy cheese.

4.Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Extra virgin olive oil is vegetable based and an excellent addition to crohns recipes.   This oil helps to protect your intestines as it contains potent antioxidants.  Olive oil also increases the body’s absorption of a number of vitamins including A, D, E, and K.  Furthermore, it encourages faster healing and increases metabolism.

Recipe tips: Olive oil is a flavor enhancer and is a fantastic alternative to margarine or butter for recipes and as condiment.  For instance, you can use it as a salad dressing. 

5.Essential Fatty Acid Foods – Be sure to spice up your recipes with foods that are high in essential fatty acids, as they are known to prevent inflammation within the bowel.  Good sources of such foods include dark green leafy vegetables, rapeseed, walnuts and flaxseed.

Recipe tips: Introduce salad to your diet, and don’t be afraid to add nuts and seeds to recipes.  For instance, if you have a cookie recipe you love, add some walnuts.

Remember, not everyone’s Crohn’s symptoms are triggered by the same foods.  Therefore, make sure you find out what foods aggravate your condition, so you can avoid them.  If you are having a difficult time finding crohns recipes that work for you, it’s a good idea to take your concerns and questions to a qualified dietitian who can help you find answers, and start you on a diet that works for you.

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9 Responses to “5 Nutritious Add-Ins for Your Crohns Recipes”

  1. Lucy Says:

    This crohns information has been great. I have been using a product you never mention that bears looking into; Vital Earth Minerals Fulvic Mineral Complex. I credit this product for putting my crohns in remission. I have been in remission for 8 months. I went into remission after about 4-5 weeks of using this product. I don’t know how or why it works but it does for me.

  2. LARRY Says:

    Hi i have never heard of someone with crohns eating any kind of nut’s or seeds or Green salad! SEEDS of any kind are forbidden! (BLOCKAGE)
    Iv’e been dealing with crohns,colitis, sense 1987

  3. wanda baeza Says:


  4. Sharon Says:

    LARRY -

    Thanks for the insight.

    People’s food tolerance with crohn’s is different. I know of people with crohn’s who do eat “hard” foods, including family members. Yet they are less tolerant to other foods.

    However, I understand your point and the key is for each individual to find out which food works for them and not to assume that there is one list that is right or wrong for everyone.

  5. CAROL Says:

    LARRY– I don’t seem to have a specific food that bothers me. I can eat one thing one day and it not bother me and then eat the same thing again again and I will be in severe, severe pain from it. So how am I to try and figure out what food to stay away from

  6. Jerry Marquardt Says:

    I have been in remission for about 2 years now, I still have kidney Stones I don’t take any medication for the Cronhs and have been pretty good since I took Endcord and Coleset for 2 years and that is what seem to help. The worst food for me to eat was any kind of tomato sause. So I would just avoid it and it was all made with virgin olive oil. I hardly eat any deep fryed foods. But right now I can eat just about anything thank god.

  7. Jerry Marquardt Says:

    I forgot I would also avoid nuts and veg I would get so much pain from them and still do so I just stay away for the Nuts. Salads use to bother me also but I can handel them them.

  8. Nick Says:

    2 months ago I was admitted into hospital and was diagnosed with severe Crohns. I already had been diagnosed with A.S a few years ago and had been on a drug trial for Wyeth, injecting once a week with etanercept a form of anti tnf treatment, I started this in Sept 06 . Bit wierd that Wyeth pulled me from the trial when they found out that I had been diagnosed with Crohns, I was told that the reason was that they worried that the etanercept could of potentially caused the Crohns flair up!!!!

    Upon discharge, I started reading various opinions on diets and lifestyle change, nutritional supplements, potential for operations in the fututre and blake outlook etc etc. Really scared myself stupid basically!!! ended up on diazepam 4 times a day to calm down, plus taking steroids and Pentasa 3 times a day.

    Well, I’ve just returned from a holiday in Florida where I Indulged in good eating, plenty of burgers steaks, fresh salad etc and also Red wine with every meal. The big thing for me was NO STRESS!!! I learn’t to laugh again and live for the day. I didn’t get hung up worrying myself sick about what I should or shouldn’t be eating or doing. I just got out there sucked in the air and got on with things.
    I scuba dived 3 times a day, went on rollercoasters and all that stuff in orlando and basically had fun and enjoyed myself. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t be careful with diet etc, (I eat fresh veg more and salads, grilled tuna and stuff) but try not to get too sucked in to any single persons theory, I feel fitter and stronger physically and mentally now than I have done in months. I’m still on the Pentasa, but have dropped down my dosage to 2 tablets a day in the morning. I get out and walk my dog 3 miles a day and swim after work. I feel focused and at ease with my body.
    I say be very wary about alternate therapies and also new forms of drugs like Remicade and etanercept, once again this is my opinion only, but if you do have chance to step back and try to live without this stuff it might work for you, I’m hoping it will for me, but hey a flare up might be round the corner, but I’m not gonna go looking for it thats for sure!!

  9. Tim Says:

    As a serious Crohn’s Sufferer I found the medical cures or symptom inhibitors, are much worse than the disease….
    After taking my health care into my own hands listening to what my body said, I no longer take supplements, medications or fortifications…The secret is take Humanity out of your diet and eat all foods in their purest form without Man’s input and you will do just fine and you will no longer be a scientific guinnea pig.Every thing takes time,It has taken you this long in life to get the disease,It will not go away immediately..

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